How does the 2000 528i MSport rank? I picked one up with a completely rebuilt top end for $3000. Though it doesn't have much horsepower it seems to be perfectly mated to the transmission and the suspension is excellent. This is a first car for my son and I feel he's safer driving the "tank". » 7/21/14 1:11pm 7/21/14 1:11pm

I have a great blue heron that hangs around when I'm fishing my local pond. He gets very excited when I catch and reel in a bream and will skip/flap/fly over to me and wait for me to throw him the fish. He eyes it and then impales it with his beak—that is unless the red-tail hawk that also hangs nearby snatches it… » 7/20/14 8:56pm 7/20/14 8:56pm

Not feeling it. Video is well done, but I guess being an 80s guy this song will always be an upbeat summer song for me. Just my humble opinion and not to trying to take away from your enjoyment. Now, Gary Jule's cover of "Mad World" was pretty awesome and would probably fit this too. :) » 7/20/14 11:41pm 7/20/14 11:41pm